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The Best Fitness Classes To Check Out In Leeds

By LiveWell Community

Most of us can agree that city living is exciting, fun and full of endless opportunities - the vibrant nightlife, the creative arts, the music scene and thriving culture. However the urban lifestyle can become overwhelming - feelings of loneliness, pressure to succeed and constant stimulation can be detrimental to your mental health. So how can we cope with the constant business of city culture? 

Best Fitness Classes Leeds - LiveWell Project

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

There are several ways to combat the negative repercussions of fast-paced city living. Staying active has been proven to be an effective way to combat mental health struggles. 

  1. Decreases stress levels
  2. It can help with depression and anxiety
  3. An effective way to improve better sleeping habits
  4. It gives you a chance for new social interactions through exercise classes and groups 
  5. Exercise is a healthy and positive way to cope when you are struggling mentally
  6. Helps boost creative and mental energy 
  7. Increase self-confidence by looking after your body and mind 

We created this guide for our Leeds community with the best fitness classes to try out in all of Yorkshire! 

Leeds City Centre - LiveWell Project

Explore Fitness Classes in Leeds

TRIB3 - High-Intensity Classes 

What to expect? 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training that pushes you to your limits. If you are looking for cardio training mixed with atmosphere club music, this is the class for you. This class is located right in the middle of the city centre with classes focusing on a combination of cardio work, air bike workouts and resistance exercises. 

Alliance Boxing Club 

Looking to start or incorporate boxing training into your exercise routine? Boxing is a great way to improve your fitness levels with cardiovascular and strength-training benefits. 

Alliance Boxing Club runs 45-minute boxing classes that include Boxfit Circuit Training. It is an amateur boxing and boxing fitness club run by professionals. The gym is fully equipped with a range of boxing equipment including punch bags, free weights, cardio machines and strength and conditioning machines. 

The Climbing Lab

It’s fun to change up your regular exercise routine! Climbing is an exciting way to work out - it allows you to exercise every single muscle group in your body and work on your balance and core strength.

The Climbing Lab is an open-plan centre, giving people a social space to climb with friends and family. One of the main features includes a unique top-out boulder, comp room, slab and vertical walls and an overhanging. Overall the training area has everything you need to push yourself and train to the next level!

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