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Spend on Experiences not Things: What to do in Edinburgh

By LiveWell Community

When you’re visiting somewhere as beautiful as Edinburgh, it’s easy to wallow in the freedom that the Scottish capital has to offer. The cobbled streets of this medieval city bring a historic feel simply by walking through the centre and the first sighting of Edinburgh Castle brings an immediate sense of regal air to even the unpatriotic amongst us. As with most city breaks, a simple joy is to sip on your preferred coffee in a local cafe or step foot into the lobby of a prestigious hotel. Whether you’re staying for a weekend or a week, it’s all about exploring the area, visiting the sights and soaking up the culture of the destination… and the best part of these activities is that none of them needs to cost an arm and a leg!

What To Do in Edinburgh - LiveWell Project

It is in fact true that the experiences you can get from even just a short time in Edinburgh extend far beyond the things that money can buy. The Royal Mile is a fabulous place to wander and take in the architecture of the historic buildings that are world famous. A visit would also be incomplete without wandering through Stockbridge Market for a spot of shopping where purchases may include handmade crafts, unique artwork or edible treats. Here, you can really get a taste of local favourites - and that’s not just whisky!

The countless free museums will educate you on different parts of history and if you have time to explore the wider region, the Scottish Highlands cannot be missed. The monuments and gardens dotted across Edinburgh bring something even greater to this fabulous city and it really won’t take you long to get a feel of how welcoming the Scots are!

When your feet get tired of walking and you feel like you’ve roamed the streets to your heart's content, you can take a rest in any of the amazing cafes or pop by one of the street vendors selling Scottish favourites. It’s not for everyone, but it seems rude to pass by at least tasting haggis and if that’s really not your thing then deep-fried Mars bars honestly are not just a myth! 

All good things come to an end, though and although you may have bagged a bargain in the market and are returning home with new prized possessions from a lovely break, it’s important to remember that not everything is all about materials, but rather it is enough to return from a holiday spent in good company, free of stress with fun stories to share and memories to cherish. Invest in yourself, enjoy every moment and sip in the satisfaction of the simple pleasures of life! A holiday, mini-break or romantic weekend away is best remembered when focused on quality time enjoying the area rather than splashing the cash on things you don’t need or doing things just for the sake of it!

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