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Interviewing Miracle Mindsets | Part 1

By LiveWell Community

Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Sammie -Hi, I’m Sammy I am currently creating a podcast called Miracle Mindsets, really into mindset and starting to get a little bit spiritual as well.

Jen – Hi, I’m Jen, and me and Sammy do the podcast together, We started our podcast Miracle Mindset about a year ago because we’ve always wanted to work for ourselves, do it for ourselves and we didn’t know what that was going to be. I got massively into mindset through lockdown and furlough and I had a lot of time to work on that kind of thing. Sam was very much into it for years really. We both actually went travelling together for a few years before and that’s how we know each-other and now we are doing it full time.


What made you start Miracle Mindset?

Sammie -  We felt like when we were travelling we would always want to do something together, We’ve always loved interacting with people, I was into mindset and spirituality and Jen started to get into it. We just love speaking to people, so we started the podcast, and built it into a little community really.

Jen - I agree, I love conversations with people, finding out about people. I actually remember starting my last job and I had a meeting with the head of recruitment and he said “ so, what do you like to do?” and I said I just like speaking to people which seems so airy fairy at the time, but now it all makes sense so we did It for the conversations. I think once you get into it yourself, into mindfulness and see the effects it has on your life, we want everyone else to feel that as well.


What do you hope to achieve with Miracle Mindsets?

Sammie – I think going forward we want to make it into a brand and a community, to start doing in-person workshops, maybe potentially get our own little place, and become a really big podcast that people can listen to when they need a safe space,  or they want advice or want to know how they get a better mindset.

Jen - Yeah I agree completely, I think community is definitely the right word for us, I want us to find like minded girls and boys, who are all on the same wavelength and to help each-other we can help each-other out, all develop, get better together, learn from each-other lessons, and all grow really.


What’s the podcast that you recorded that stood out the most to you and why?

Sammie - I think for me the biggest podcast that stood out was a podcast with a girl called Savanna Darnell because she really open my eyes to see you can change a circumstance even if your in a really dark place, and that you can recreate yourself whenever you want and you can start to live a life that is more fulfilling to you.

Jen – I think it's not actually come out yet but we recorded it the other day and it will be out in about a weeks time but it was with a guy called Jamie on Breath work. He talks all about mens mental health, he lives in London and was really struggling for years, he worked in a tech company, he had a really good finance degree but he didn’t understand why he was struggling, he just felt really lost. He just fell into breath work and found his own community again around it. The way that it helps him is that somebody in a completely different situations to us , it was amazing to hear different kind fo techniques that helped through all different kinds of people


If you could give my younger self some advice, what would tell her… 


Sammie – It would be that it will all get better and you don’t have to have it all figured out, perfect things come at the right time and that painful times or times when you feel down are actually lessons you can grow from and really ground yourself and I feel like they are actually good lessons and blessings in disguise really.

Jen - I agree, I think I'd tell younger Jen, doing the work isn’t always easy, it might get harder before it gets easier and finding out why you feel certain things and working through that, if you do do that and put in the effort and think about why you feel the certain way and knowing you have the ability to change that everything that you want is on the other side.

Recommended read?

Sammie - I would say that if you starting on yourself love journey, the book that changed my life is called “you are a badass” by Jen Sincero, It's just such a game changer for anyone who wants to top their limiting beliefs and actually step into the woman that they want to be. I just think it’s an amazing Book

Jen – I'd recommend a book that a coach recommended to us called the untethered soul so its all about your thoughts and your consciousness and if you thoughts can be so be so flippant and you can totally love yourself and agree with yourself one minute and the next really pick out all the flaws, how can they be true and how can you believe them.


Part 2 coming soon...

Interview by Gemma Cheyne


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