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Cozy Winter Night Essentials

By LiveWell Community

There is no better cozy night than that of a winter one. Light those candles, pull out your blankets and dish out the hot chocolates. December is the perfect month for nestling down, saying no to outside plans and yes to lots of self-love evenings.

‘Ahh’… we know that feeling don’t we? The ‘Ahh…’ when you have just sat down after a long day, dimmed the lights and about to snuggle down and watch your favourite Netflix show. ‘Ahh...’ yes, this feels good – Movie, hot drink, fluffy socks, blankets, and of course, a cozy night in is inadequate without the essential nibbles – aka, copious amounts of sweet treats. Doesn’t this sound dreamy? We think so.

Creating the perfect environment is paramount when having a night in. If you are anything like us and light candles for any occasion, this post is for you. Getting the mood right is a passage in it’s own right. It doesn’t quite feel the same if there’s nothing burning on the coffee table. If you’re not sure where to start or feeling like you need a little home décor splurge, we have picked out our favourite winter night in essentials to turn your vision into a reality.


  1. Amethyst Incense holder and incense pack £19.99
  • A natural tranquilizer that releases stress and strain, sooths irritability, balances mood swings and dispels anger, fear and anxiety. Place in your living room for the ultimate winter ambiance.
  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp £29.99
  • Boosting your mood and creating a calming zen. The unique accessory comes from the foothills of the Himalayas with each lamp looking slightly different to the other. The most beautiful accessory for your home.
  1. The Meditation Collection: Self Love Candle £27.99
  • A spectacular rose quarts infused candle creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. The uber luxurious candle has deep floral notes and a 40-hour burning time. Light up and enjoy the flicker and immerse yourself in your coziest night in yet.
  1. Buddha Head Oil Burner £17.99
  • A luxury handmade ceramic, essential oil burner, with removable lid allowing your chosen fragrance to be diffused. Really set the tone of your cozy night in with a fresh scent.
  1. Daily goals and Wellness Planner £16

Designed to be filled in at night, this planner is the key to finishing your day in the right way. A perfect partner for the ultimate winter night in. Journal your way through the evening before heading to bed with a clear head. The planner is encapsulated with self-care activities, goals, to-do lists and meal spaces.


By Hollie Warrick

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