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Best Bars in Manchester for mocktails

By LiveWell Community

Taking part in the Dry January challenge? Then look no further. Dry January doesn’t mean you have to stay in and miss all the fun, there are plenty of places in Manchester that offer such elegant mocktails which are so pleasing to the eye, you wouldn’t know the difference (minus a slight sour taste). I became a real lover of mocktails whilst pregnant (admittedly, this was a forced decision), but because they are still presented the same as normal cocktails, I still felt like I was drinking one, without the headache in the morning. Win!

There are several health benefits to drinking mocktails if they contain coconut water and other fruit juices, but don’t get too excited, a mocktail with your Weetabix is arguably slightly boujee but maybe stick to coffee or water. If you are lucky enough to live in the North-West, then you will know that the Manchester bar scene is one of the best in the country. There are several bars and restaurants catering to your non-alcoholic needs this January. We have selected some of our favourites below!


Cloud 23

Sip in the sky! Never mind cloud 9, Cloud 23 at The Hilton offers some of Manchester’s finest cocktails, all whilst taking in the breath-taking views of the city. Treat yourself to a non-alcoholic seltzer, with grapefruit or even Elderflower and Yuzu!


Serving Traditional Indian, Pakistani and grill dishes, Zouk also offers a wide variety of cocktails and classic mocktails! From the city’s favourite Cosmo to Mojito’s and Watermelon Crush. Why not enjoy some food whilst you are there and try the Chef’s special?

The Alchemist

Kings of cocktails and home to the masters in the dark arts of molecular mixology. Serving a plethora of flavours and juices presented in wild glasses and Jars. Try a ‘Virgin Italian Spritz’ (tastes just like Aperol) or a ‘Mango Shake’ with white chocolate foam!

20 Stories

If you haven’t been to Manchester’s high-style cocktail palace, then this is your sign. Sit on the roof top terrace and enjoy sipping your mocktail with a skyline background. Indulge in a ‘Azahar Martini’ (think honey and pineapple) or a ‘Espresso Caleno’ for our resident coffee lovers!

Grand Pacific

There is no better place to feel like you’re really living the city life than Grand Pacific. Oozing opulent interiors, this is the perfect location for your instagrammable mocktail snap. Of course, not forgetting the delicious taste. Why not pick something different? Mocktails on the menu include: Lychee and Mint, Thai basil and passionfruit or Rose and Jasmine Sling.


By Hollie Warwick

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