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All the essentials to create the perfect cosy night in

By LiveWell Community

For so many of us, it’s difficult to muster up the courage to venture out when the evenings are dark before we even think about our plans for the night. I can hold my hands up high on this and let you all in on the dirty little secret that I’m guilty of cancelling plans when it’s chilly outside and the nights are pitch black. I’m rarely raring to go again when I’ve come home from a long day on my feet at work and something in my future plans involves leaving my toasty house and bracing the cold.


Layering up to a point that fashion is barely existent is one of the draws away from winter nights out for me, but the main pull to stay indoors is the idea of being cosy, cuddled up and all set with comforting treats.


So, this winter, instead of making loads of plans I know I’ll struggle to stick to, I’ve opted into making a checklist for the perfect cosy night in and I’ve decided to offer my friends the choice of bringing the festivities to me.


All the essentials I deem necessary to create this are along the lines of:


  • Comfy clothes - an absolute must and the number one priority here
  • Candles - something scented to put a wintery aroma in the air
  • Good food - whether it’s a warming wintery curry, a seasonal soup or a good old roast dinner, it needs to be hot, hearty and delicious!
  • Drinks - it may be mulled wine, regular wine, hot chocolate, a selection of tea or some festive bubbles or gin pairings - get creative!
  • Activities - movie night, an evening of games, paint by numbers, a cookalong…
  • Company - whether you’re just cosying up under a blanket by yourself or you’ve got the girls over - it shouldn’t matter when you’ve got the set up of dreams, but enjoy!


Grab a blanky, a hot water bottle if you need, call the girls and get festive in your comfies this year!


Happy Holidays, lovelies.



Lauren Loudon

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