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Yoga Practice: Set your Autumn Intentions

By LiveWell Community

Every time we step on to our mat, we come home to ourselves.  How we truly feel and what we really want.  Autumn provides us with the time to focus on nurturing and nourishing ourselves and our bodies.  With soothing stretches to calm and relax, or warming and strengthening postures to create heat from the inside out.  Setting an intention gives our practice purpose, and it doesn’t have to be something that stays on our mat.

What is an Intention?

An intention acts as a reminder to ourselves.  In Yoga we call it our Sankalpa.  It ties together our practice off the mat to different aspects of our lives off the mat.  Our intention can be an energy or a feeling we wish to cultivate on our mat.  Or something we wish to achieve or manifest into our life.  Our intention is personal, and ever changing.  As our life changes so do we, and so do our intentions.  What you need from one practice could be totally different from what you need from the next.  And that is the beauty of our practice.

Setting your intentions this Autumn

Working with the seasons and nature helps us to stay connected to the whole.  Reminding us that we too are part of a bigger picture.  Autumn reminds us to slow down, recognise that change is constant and to shed that which no longer serves us.  This can be a great foundation for setting your intentions for this season of practice on your mat.

Need some inspiration?  Here are some of our top intentions for this month on our mats:

  • I nourish my body with wholesome warming foods
  • I honour rest and self-care
  • I nurture my body with movement and nature 
  • Like leaves on the tree, I let go of anything that no longer serves me
  • I draw in peace, calm, and kindness
  • I surrender to what is
  • I have the resilience it takes to weather the storms this season may bring
  • I have a fire within which motivates me to do my best always

How to use your intention as you practice

  1. Set your intention at the start of your practice.  As you meditate, let your mind and body come into stillness.  Start to become aware of how you are feeling, and what you need from this moment.  Acknowledge and accept where you are at, and then figure out what it is you wish to manifest/cultivate.  
  2. When something comes to mind that resonates with how you are feeling, let it settle in.  Set your intention in the present, using positive affirmative language.  I am.  I will.  I can.  I create.  Seal your intention at the start of your practice, and come back to it throughout.  
  3. When struggle starts to arise in a posture, or the mind starts to take over, come back to that intention.  When you take rest, check back in with your intention, and as you settle into your savasana let that intention manifest in your body and bed into that feeling you wanted to create.  

It is already yours; it is already within you.


Written by Donna Edwards


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