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Yoga for digestion: What are the benefits of twists?

By LiveWell Community

Twists might just be the secret of the season. We all like to indulge over Christmas, and perhaps eat a little bit more than we normally would.  Leaving us feeling bloated, lethargic and struggling to get moving.  Whilst high impact exercise might be off the cards, a gentle bit of movement won’t go amiss.  Adding some twists into your yoga practice can be a gentle but effective way to stimulate digestion, get toxins moving and detoxify the body of stagnant energy.

Cleanse and Detox

Twists in our yoga practice help to stimulate and massage the internal organs, wringing out toxins and providing a fresh flow of oxygen and blood flow to the muscles.  Releasing impurities from muscle tissue allowing them to function properly and effectively.  Perfect to gently ease the body into movement to help aid digestion after that big Christmas day dinner!

Relieves tension from the spine

During the Christmas period we get out of our normal routine and find more time to relax.  Which is great for our minds but sometimes not so great for our body.  Extra time cosying up on the sofa watching movies, means more time slouching and sitting.  One of the main causes of lower back pain is weakness of the glute muscles caused from spending too much time sitting down.  Twisting postures help to release lower back pain by increasing circulation, flexibility and correcting posture.  It can also help to improve range of motion in the spine.  

Reduces stress and anxiety

Okay so this one isn't so twist specific as all yoga postures offer this benefit when practiced mindfully.  Awareness and stillness in any asana helps to draw our awareness inwards and focus on what's happening in the present moment.  Any moment you feel stress and overwhelm taking a moment to drop into the breath or a moment of physical practice can help to bring you back into a state of calm and peace.

So why not add some twists into your yoga practice this Christmas?


By Donna Edwards

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