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Why you need to make your Yoga practice a priority in 2022

By The Studio

What can be fast or slow and never lets you down?  That’s right your yoga practice.  A lot of things in our life can feel inconsistent and susceptible to change.  Things are constantly changing within and around us, and sometimes the biggest comfort is having something that’s stable, secure, that you can constantly come back to.  A safe place for you to reconnect, check in and recharge.  This is where your yoga practice steps in, think of your yoga mat as a tiny life raft when life starts to make you sink.  Your yoga practice is always there for you, and we think that’s pretty special.  Here is why we are making our yoga practice a priority in 2022.

Your Yoga practice is always there for you

As covered in our intro up there, your yoga practice isn't going anywhere.  You don’t have to be ready; you don’t have to have achieved a certain something to step on to your mat, you don’t have to be whole, or flexible, or happy.  You just have to show up, that’s it.  Your yoga mat isn't going to judge you, and you shouldn’t judge yourself.  Whatever mood you are in or whatever is going on in your life, you are enough to practice.  You are deserving of your practice.  Remember it doesn’t always have to be something fancy, and you don’t need a full hot yoga studio set up.  A quiet corner in your living room big enough to roll your mat out is perfect.  Whenever or wherever yoga is your best friend.

The body needs movement, whilst the mind needs stillness

Humans were designed to move.  Our bodies weren't made to remain still and stagnant, we were made to move, explore and create.  That’s why we have legs, oh and apposable thumbs.  Yoga encourages and allows us the freedom to move however we desire.  Whether it’s a relaxing and embodied Yin practice or a fast and flowy Vinyasa practice.  We get to choose the way we want to move.  It doesn’t always have to be high impact and dynamic to get the body moving and the blood pumping.  Sustaining posture, strengthening and lengthening muscles can be just as beneficial.  The mindful movement patterns of yoga also provide a meditative experience for the mind.  Allowing us that mental pause from the external world and entering a state of peace and calm, benefiting the parasympathetic nervous system.

Consistency is where the most benefits lie

Okay this one goes for most forms of exercise.  But the benefits really do lie in a consistent practice.  The more frequently we step on our mat, the more we see the benefits of the yoga practice in our daily life.  And we don’t just mean having more nimble bodies and less aches and pains.  But taking the spiritual teachings and actually living by them.  Making yoga not just a physical practice, but a lifestyle.  Coming away from just focusing our attention on asana and pranayama, and understanding the other limbs of yoga the yama’s and niyamas.  The ethical guidance and understandings of a way of living.

Yoga for every occasion

Our body, moods and the world around us are constantly changing, and although our practice can remain it can also adapt and change with us.  It's not a one yoga practice fits all situation.  Your yoga practice can be inspired by the seasons, by the time of day or by your mood.  Yoga can fit around you and how you're feeling.  Your practice can become inspired by what's going on in the world around you so you can honour your body in the best way.  There's a yoga practice for every occasion!  Sequences for when you’re sick, for when it’s the summer solstice, yoga for digestion, yoga to boost mood.  The possibilities for your practice are endless when you practice with meaning and intention.

So don’t let your yoga practice take a back seat this year.  Let your life flow effortlessly on and off your mat, and see the real magic of your practice start to seep into your daily life.

Written by Donna Edwards

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