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Why a morning yoga routine will set you up for success!

By LiveWell Community

Why a morning yoga routine will set you up for success!

We all want to conquer that perfect morning routine that helps us to feel awake, positive and ready to face the day ahead.  But somehow, we always end up missing the mark, and counting down the hours until lunch break. But boxing off the morning rituals really does make all the difference.  So how can yoga help us make sure we always wake up on the right side of the bed?  Try these simple additions in your morning routine and set yourself up for successful day ahead!

It’s all in the breath

Here’s one you can do lying down.  In fact before you’ve even moved out of bed!  It takes no effort at all to fit this into your morning regime, so no excuses.  As we all know, yoga isn't just about the postures we do on our mat.  It’s all in the breath!  When you first wake up, make it a priority before you even move to take three full, deep, cleansing breaths.  Take a big inhale in through the nose, and exhale open the mouth and sigh it out, make it as audible as you want.  A great way to release any stagnant energy from sleep, and get oxygen moving back round the body.  Plus, making audible sound whilst sighing the air away, puts you in that carefree state of mind.  It doesn’t matter what it sounds like or who can hear you.  You let that sh*t go!

Get up and move your body

You might not have time to squeeze in a full hour vinyasa class before heading to the office and that’s okay!  It doesn’t need to be anything crazy but you just have to move!  In the morning think about opening up into the body.  After sleeping all night, you can feel stiff and rigid from lying in the same position, which can make us feel tight and tense before we’ve even started the day.  The muscle fascia in the body is like a layer of cobwebs over the top of our muscles, and if we don’t blow those cobwebs away, they start to build up.  Morning movement is the answer!  Whether it’s a quick round of sun salutations, a few twists and folds or a dynamic flow to catapult you into the day.  A bit of movement will help get you out of your head and into your body.  So, if you struggle with waking up and already having your mind running through a thousand to do lists, this one's for you.

Get into the visuals

Another aspect of our Yoga practice is called Pratyahara, or Sense Withdrawal.  This is when we stop relying on the senses for information and bring our awareness inwards.  Most of the time before we’ve even got out of bed we’ve scrolled through our social media, checked our emails and heard the latest news headlines.  Then perhaps you listen to the radio as you drive into work, and pass billboard signs and advertisements along the way.  Our senses are constantly being overloaded with external input, and we’ve barely even woken up and had a thought to ourselves yet!  Now we’re not suggesting you drive to work with your eyes closed, however we can make time to tune in before we tune out.  While you're waiting for your morning coffee to brew, or waiting for the kids to pack their schoolbags, close down through the eyes and draw your awareness inwards.  Focus on the breath, just breathing in and out, and begin to think about the kind of energy you want to manifest into your day.  This could be a sense of calm whilst you do the school run, or a quiet confidence to nail that work meeting.  Whatever it is start to breathe into that energy.  And every time you breathe out, let go of anything that doesn’t match that energies frequency.  Imagine that energy is already yours and visualise your day as you want it to go.  A day of calm, happiness, success.

Written by Donna Edwards

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