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Top 5 products to start your fitness journey off right!

By The Studio

Hi! Hope your 2022 been off to a good start! As we all know, January is the month of new beginnings, starting afresh and setting goals! If like many others, your goals involve being more active, getting fit or to start practising yoga, then here at Livewell, we have the perfect products to get you started on your fitness journey!

The Natural Deodorant Company Balm - Grapefruit and Mint - £12.99

If you’re one to go hard at the gym or at home whilst doing a HIIT workout, then you’ll probably want a decent deodorant so that you don’t stink. So, instead of going for your standard aerosols with harmful chemicals, why not try some natural deodorant balm from The Natural Deodorant Company Balm. These balms come in a variety of different scents, including Orange and Bergamot (I have this one and can attest that they really do work!!), Mint and Eucalyptus, Lemon and Geranium and the one mentioned above, Grapefruit and Mint. If you couldn’t already tell, these balms contain all natural ingredients and are perfect for all skin types too!

Stretch Yoga Set by Made and Sent - £25.99

Look after yourself with this Stretch Yoga Set by Made and Sent. It’s perfect for post-workout, when you need to stretch, wind down and chill. Each set includes a stretch band with a guide, shampoo and body wash, pillow spray and magnesium muscle oil to help you relax after a busy workout session!

Calm Roll Oil - £15.99

This Calm Roll Oil by Psychic Sisters will help give you a bit of a mood-boost and alleviate and relieve stress! The orange and lavender oil in this is mixed with Aventurine crystals, which promotes peace and calm and brings a bit of good luck as well!

Green is the new Black Eco Water Bottle - £14.99

Reduce your single-use plastic and stay hydrated with this eco-friendly Green is the new Black eco water bottle by Typhoon. This bottle is double-walled, meaning it can keep liquids both hot and cold! It has a wide neck too, which is perfect for fitting ice cubes in, during the summer months!

Citrine Crystal Infused Water Bottle - £39.99

This eco-friendly crystal infused water bottle from Psychic Sisters is the perfect addition to your workout bag! It’s infused with Citrine, which is known for promoting positivity and optimism, so you’ll basically be drinking good vibes! 

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