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Switch your running mindset, to improve your running

By LiveWell Community

For those new to running or those lifestyle runners, race PB chasers, or those seasonal runners, this applies to all runners. Running can have a very positive effect on lifestyle, mood and feeling of general fitness. However, life can get busy, we may become ill, injured, pregnant and occasionally running has to take a back seat or we are forced to slow down. This can be a very difficult transition for runners.

Running like any other hobby will have its ups and downs. Although it is known to help destress for a lot of people, the thought of ‘needing’ to go for a run can make your motivation go the other way.

You may compare your current running to your previous running successes and it may get you down and frustrated instead of running for the enjoyment like you have previously found. This isn’t an uncommon thing to happen, and there are a few things you can do to re-find your love for running and by going back to basics. We need to slow down, remove the pressures and refocus on the WHY.

Practicing gratitude every time you are getting ready to run prepares your mindset. Even if that’s slower or shorter than before, it is still getting out of the door…

Here’s some tips to transitioning to taking things slower:

● Drop your Strava ego. This may sound really silly, but stop and think if you are comparing your times to either your previous times or someone else's. This is not useful, you may have just done an awesome run and you end up putting yourself down because of these factors. It is not needed. Slow down, and don’t worry about your pace.
● Take off your GPS watch and go old school and use a timer, or if you are not quite prepared for that yet change from miles to km or vice versa, so you have no emotional attachment to the paces
● Be grateful for every run no matter what that looks like compared to before
● Make a plan or invest in a program to keep you accountable and on track without pushing it too much and also to help with motivation
● Join a running community; being around like minded individuals will be so helpful when you are beating yourself up. No one understands like a fellow runner.
● Treat yourself like a best friend. If your mind is being negative, stop and think if your friend was saying these things to you, what would you tell them to do.
● PMA - positive mental attitude. The best way to find slight positives in deemed negative situations.
● Remember: You’ve got this

Written by Amy Gomer @amyrosannaruns

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