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SUP Yoga: What are the benefits of the latest craze?

By LiveWell Community

SUP Yoga stands for Stand-up Paddleboard yoga.  Yoga that takes place on a paddleboard on an expanse of water.  Said to have originated in America, the land of beautiful beaches and weather in 2013, since then SUP yoga has taken the world by storm.  With many studios and retreats offering this as a new weekly class on their local water space.  So, what's all the fuss about?  Let's delve into this new take on yoga.

What is SUP Yoga?

So SUP Yoga is a combination of paddleboarding and yoga.  It challenges your mindset and body to find new levels of balance and focus.  Adding the extra challenge of balancing on water brings a new experience to the senses too.  It can be great for overcoming fear and realising your own strength and potential, whilst having great amounts of fun!

How does it work?

Mostly practice is the same, except your mat is a paddleboard and you are floating on water.  But SUP yoga still generally follows a Hatha/Vinyasa approach to practice with a focus on strengthening, balance and flexibility.  Having the extra challenge of avoiding falling into the water, means you need to constantly come back to your body, making minor adjustments to your weight placement and body position.  Plus being out in the middle of nature and connecting to the elements around you, is truly what our yoga practice is about.

What you need to know

Interested in giving it a go?  Here are some things to think about before you get your paddleboard out!

  • You need to be confident out in an open space of water
  • Know how to get on and off your board from the water
  • How to safely fall (it happens!)
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can flow freely in, and of course something you don’t mind getting wet (swimwear friendly sport)

What are the benefits?

So, is this practice as great as it looks?  Well SUP Yoga combines all the positives from your regular yoga practice such as increased mindfulness, mobility and quality breathing.  It also gives you a full body workout as postures that may not normally be a challenge become more of a game of balance than before!  It also allows you to immerse yourself into something new, challenging and fun and this can help to give you a mental boost.  We all know being in nature itself comes with its own benefits, so SUP Yoga can really provide a mood boost, calmer mind and a sense of connection.  Sometimes it's good to not take life and ourselves too seriously, and what can bring you more back to life than wobbling out of tree pose, hitting the water with a splash and feeling that rush of adrenaline and having a good old giggle at yourself.

SUP Yoga, we are a fan.


Written by Donna Edwards

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