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Rediscover your energy for workouts

By LiveWell Community

Lost your mojo and not quite ready to hit the gyms yet?  Not to fear, losing motivation is normal especially after such a stressful and difficult period of our lives.  Taking time to adapt back to normality and slowly integrate passions and hobbies back into your life will help you to find enjoyment and freedom.  But how do we get our energy towards workouts back to where it used to be?  Here's our top tips on how to rediscover your energy.



Fuel your body

Energy comes from our food, and food is fuel.  Start from the inside and make sure you are giving your body what it needs to function.  Without the correct nutrients, vitamins and calories to fuel our bodies we are going to feel tired and unmotivated.  Making it harder to get going.

  • Stay hydrated.  Water helps combat against headaches, fatigue and joint pain so drinking plenty will help to combat that lethargic feeling.
  • Eat a balanced diet.  Protein, carbs, healthy fats, fruit and veggies.  These foods are your friends and will give you a well rounded diet and enough energy to feel ready to face the world!
  • Supplement your diet with extra vitamins, if you are lacking any from your diet.  Especially vitamins such as Vitamin D, it can be hard to get enough of that in the UK from lack of sunshine.  This can effect your mood and wellbeing, and helps support healthy bones and teeth.


Plan your sessions

If you struggle with getting going, get your sessions planned in in advance.  Use a motivational planner or journal such as our Inspire Planner.  This can help you to track your goals, progress and hold yourself accountable.  Just being organised can be a massive part of feeling energised.  If you are overwhelmed by tasks, and jobs you will find it harder to get going.  However, you can plan time efficiently ahead of schedule to allow yourself time to fit in the things you want to be a part of your day.

  • Invest in a planner to help you stay organised, inspired and on track.  Our Inspire Planner is perfect to help you track goals, daily habits and write in your workout schedule.
  • Book classes or gym sessions ahead of time so you are less likely to cancel.  Don't let yourself down!
  • Keep a regular schedule.  Try to fit your workouts in the same time everyday so your body and mind becomes used to the routine.


Find your time

Listen to your body and work with your inner rhythms.  When do you feel most motivated and inspired?  If you are an early bird and wake up feeling energised and excited, schedule in for a morning workout.  However if you feel most active in the day, why not make time for a lunch time power hour, and give yourself a boost for the afternoon.  If you take a while to warm up into the day, save your workout until the evening and let the endorphin release carry you into a good night sleep.

  • Notice when you feel most awake/alert/active/energetic.
  • Use your bodies natural rhythm to workout when you are at the peak of your energy making it easier to get going.
  • Make it a routine, your body will begin to adapt to when it's workout time helping you to feel motivated and ready to go!





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