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Add face yoga to your skincare regime

By The Studio

If you’re reading this then I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say you are already a yoga bunny. If not, then welcome to the tribe. We know the amazing health benefits of yoga but how much do you know about face yoga? It really isn’t as complex as it sounds. It involves the same ideas and principles that we practice with our body, but we put this into our face. It’s important that we are putting in the same effort into exercising our face muscles, that we are into our body. Massaging your face helps blood flow (circulation) which in return assists with improving the natural collagen and elastin underneath your skin. Daily stressors and free radicals (atoms that damage cells causing aging) not only cause the skin to feel brittle but leave a dull appearance and unfortunately, speed up the aging process.

Having a skincare regime is paramount in removing dirt and toxins from the day, whilst also using products to tighten and smooth the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. It is however time to step up your morning and nightly routine by adding in another step. Yes, another one, but you’ll thank us for it later. Face yoga is a relatively new craze that is incorporated into your skincare regime. It involves a type of massaging that stimulates the muscles. The overall aim is to relax your muscles which in return helps alleviate tension, toxins and stress. Face yoga is not a dangerous process so there really is no harm in adding it in. It can be done at any time of the day, but it is advised by dermatologists to do this first thing in the morning to awaken your muscles and lastly before you go to bed to detox the daily stressors. New York dermatologist Doris Day MD states that “We exercise our face every time we make expressions, and most people overuse certain muscles which ends up weakening the opposing muscles, so I recommend facial exercises to be done every day.”

All you need to get started is your hands. There are many tutorials online or images to follow. Whilst there are so many benefits to face yoga, take care when following exercises as some can actually cause more wrinkles, which we absolutely don’t want. We really would be defeating the object completely.

The benefits of face yoga by Absolution Cosmetics:

  • A more radiant complexion.
  • Softened wrinkles and plumped skin.
  • A way to de-stress.
  • Smooth forehead lines.
  • Reduce frown lines between the eyes.
  • Make your eyes look more open, and smooth crow's-feet.
  • Reduce nasolabial folds and firm the cheeks.
  • Plump the lips.

Reduction in fine lines as well as plumper lips, yes please. Will you be incorporating face yoga into your skin care regime? If you already love the benefits of yoga, we are sure you will love the benefits of face yoga. Try it tomorrow morning and see how your face feels. For best results do this consistently.


By Hollie Warwick 

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