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5 Ways to Make Your Workout Environmentally Friendly

By LiveWell Community

More than ever before, we're aware of the impact we have on our earth. It is becoming more and more apparent that the world is in danger. This is from air pollution, land pollution, and sea pollution. Will our world ever be the same again?

When you hear about the large scale impact, it's easy to think that 'little old us' won't be able to make much change in the grand scheme of things. However, imagine if we all thought like this? We would never make any improvements.

If we all changed our mindset to be a little more aware of our world, the footprints we leave here, and an eco-friendly stance. The changes could be phenomenal. Yes, it might be our next generations who reap the benefits, but we would certainly start to see positive changes in our lifetime, too.

We need to be collectively making changes, even if we start small. This can be changed to our daily habits, such as how we buy food and the food we consume, how we commute to the gym, to classes, or work. Therefore how looking after our health can play a key role in our planet's health, as well as our health.

As our population seems to be growing at a rapid rate, we're seeing an increase in rubbish waste and high energy consumption. Which are becoming the biggest challenges to battle. But the nation is slowly doing something about it; hence more economical transport and recycling options are being available.

So, what can we do ourselves when it comes to our daily or weekly fitness and health regimes, that can keep the planet fit and healthy too?  Here are five changes that may help us to take a step forward in the right direction when it comes to living a more sustainable life.

1. Use Reusable Water Bottles

It's been recorded that the UK throws away 35.8 million plastic bottles every single day. Can you imagine how much plastic is just piling up? Our friends over in the US are currently seeing 38 billion plastic water bottles go to landfills every year. It's easy to see why, as we can pick up a bottle of water or diet coke in the workplace, on our way to a fitness class, or when we're simply out and about. It's just as easy to throw it in a public bin that isn't for recycling.

For your workouts, make sure you use a reusable water bottle instead, as getting into this habit can reduce your footprint massively. Refill at the gym, refill at home, and use the same bottle in the workplace. Water in the gym and at work should be free for you to use anyway! We recently wrote an article that highlights some of the best reusable water bottles and coffee cups and explains the materials you should look out for. So it's worth heading over for a read for some eco-friendly inspiration.

2. Train Outdoors When You Can

Sometimes, we need to work out indoors due to the particular workout we're doing. Weight training, those classes with heavy equipment, and some yoga and pilates sessions that benefit from being inside in a warm, dry studio. Of course, the weather has to be on our side, but there are some changes you can make to this rule.

You could try switching up an indoor cardio session once a week, which helps reduce the electricity you consume each day, along with the commute (if you go via car). If you think about the electricity it takes to power up a treadmill for your morning run or your afternoon spin session. It may seem harmless at the time but boy can the electricity add up. This is why it's recommended - if you can - to hit the pavements on foot or by bike, taking in the great outdoors and clearing your head outside of a gym/class once in a while.

3. Invest in Quality Activewear

We're spoilt these days for online retailers offering fast fashion and the latest trends. But have you ever stopped to think how dangerous it can be to live that way? The 'buy it now worry later' mentality can lead to us hoarding clothes we never wear, with many going to waste.

We all love having the nicest and newest workout wear, and of course, we owe it to ourselves to wear activewear we look and feel great in. But this can be done by purchasing more sensible purchases, more quality items that you'll constantly re-wear. You'll rarely need to clear out your wardrobe as much. Therefore, if you pick high-quality hoodies, leggings, and workout tops, you'll not need to replace them in a long while! Take a look at our mindful actions hoodies too, which inspire a positive mindset every day along with being super soft, comfortable, and stylish.

4. Take advantage of online classes and videos

Many of us have a mindset that is stuck on 'I only exercise in the gym', - which isn't the best way to be. There are so many useful resources these days online via videos and articles which should inspire and motivate us to work out whenever and wherever we want. The best mix is to do both classes/gym workouts and at-home practices. If you don't yet do this, then it's time to look at making some new habits...

Our bodies and minds are designed to move and act in all different ways throughout the day. Not just being confined to one way of living. That means doing one hour in a gym every day can get a little repetitive and mundane. If you can do some exercise outside, like a bike ride, a walk or a run. Then you should look at switching it up. This will help to keep your mind active and your body getting used to new ways of staying healthy.

It's nice to take advantage of all the expert-led videos and resources we can view online, too. If you have a nice space at home (we appreciate not everyone does), it could be worth tuning into an online video once a week to change up your routine. Therefore get comfortable working out at home too (and saving petrol money!).

5. Be eco-friendly with your diet and food planning

The foods you eat and your diet also play a big part when it comes to your fitness routine. We can be just as mindful about being eco-friendly when it comes to our eating habits too. Including working on ways to reduce food waste, save money and reduce the impact on the environment.

We've already mentioned using reusable water bottles and coffee cups, but reusable carrier bags are also ideal. A material tote bag is the best option for this. So make sure you always have one or two in your car or stuffed into your handbag for shopping. You can also be aware of avoiding foods that come packaged in plastic. Many foods still do, so it is still a work in progress. But just by being aware, it's making a great start.

Too that by doing careful food prep, we can be reducing food waste easily. Batch cooking allows us to freeze meals for later on in the week, and always makes us aware of cooking food close to their expiry date which we can then freeze later. 

It all takes a little practice to start making changes, but even by starting slowly, it's a great habit to be in to be fully aware of making eco-friendly and sustainable choices.


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