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Why do we charge crystals on the full moon?

By LiveWell Community

Why do we charge crystals on the full moon?

If you have an spiritual/witchy friends like myself you may have heard the statement ‘charging my crystals’ In fact there are a lot of things you can charge at a full moon. Tarot cards, crystals, spells all sorts! But have we all lost our marbles or is there actually a reasoning behind our madness?

 Crystals absorb energy easily so it is important that we both cleanse and charge crystals regularly so they don’t store energy that hinders our healing process. One way to cleanse crystals is with water, I like to collect rainwater to do this, even better if you can wash in the ocean but tap water is fine too!

You can also cleanse and charge crystals in the sun but I would recommend using moonlight instead as there is no chance of color fading like with direct sunlight.

Charging your crystals under the full moon in particular is the best way to cleanse and charge them. Firstly during the full moon the moon is at its fullest phase and so the energy from the moon is at its most potent, secondly its always a good idea to connect with nature to really harness the crystals power. As I mentioned before crystals can absorb energy quickly so if you haven’t cleaned your crystals before, chances are from other people handling them and just the infinite hands of time your crystals may have picked up some energy that is misaligned to you. 

When we use crystals for healing its said they absorb your negative energy, so its important to cleanse that energy out of your crystals too so it doesn’t stick round where it isn’t wanted. It's a good idea to sage your space before you cleanse as well.

The best way to cleanse in the full moon is laying your crystals out somewhere natural like on grass or at least outside in nature. It's a great idea to leave them out overnight to get the maximum effect but don’t forget to take them back in, in the morning. Especially if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with sunshine as some stones can be a bit sensitive to light. Also don’t worry if you can’t put your crystals outside, you can put them by the window and it will still work. Just as you don’t need to worry if it's cloudy and you can’t see the moon because its powers are just the same in that case too.


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