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Why crystals are the best Christmas gift

By LiveWell Community

Now if you’ve read any of my previous articles you may think i’m a bit biased here when it comes to crystals but hear me out! Im going to explain why crystals really are the best Christmas gift, regardless of my point of view.

Firstly if you know a little bit about crystals you’ll know that there is literally a crystal to help with any problem you may have. With the year we’ve all had I don’t believe there is anyone sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for an xmas present without a problem in the world. This means that receiving a lovely thoughtful gift like a crystal is bound to be appreciated. Whoever the person is you are buying for doesn’t even need to know a lot about crystals you can stick to basics, try amethyst for helping people with stress, rose quartz for helping a sister or brother out in the love department or if you have a friend lucky enough to have some travel plans coming up try labradorite.



The other great thing about crystals is you don’t have to just buy free standing crystals there are so many amazing products that have crystals in. From crystal jewellery to candles and crystals water bottles there is such plethora of crystal gifts you can choose from. Even the crystals skeptics can get down with a crystal water bottle that’s for sure, who doesn’t drink water? And what’s better than water? Crystal infused water! I could talk just about the amazing water bottles all day but juts to sum it up, crystals are an amazing gift whether its for a witchy friend like me who would be delighted even with just a tiny stone to a crystal beginner who’d be so happy to receive a functioning gift with a crystal addition to it.



By Lauren Rose


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