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Use Amber to boost your energy this Autumn!

By LiveWell Community

Beautiful Amber not only matches the autumn aesthetic with crisp orange/brown colour but it can help to bring a little bit of joy, light and energy to this season of transition.  As the nights get darker and the days get shorter, Amber gives us the mental boost we need at this time of year to stay motivated and positive. 

Amber: Appearance

Amber has no crystalline structure, and ranges from a golden yellow colour to shades of brown.

Healing the mind

Amber symbolizes life energy.  It infuses the aura with its golden light, generating a feeling of joy, happiness and enthusiasm for life.  It enables us to be uplifted and boosts our energy levels, helping us to feel motivated and ready to achieve our goals.  It also creates a warming feeling, allowing us to feel loved, cared for and at home within ourselves.  The perfect crystal for the transitional and colder months of Autumn.

Healing the body

This crystal works to invigorate the bodies many systems.  Especially the brain and nervous system.  It promotes healing by absorbing and transmuting negative energy and turning it into something positive.  It can also be used to stimulate metabolism, keeping stagnant energy moving.  Amber also helps to heal holes in our aura that may have been caused by illness, stress, trauma or medication.  Bringing us back home to our whole and complete self.

Top Tip – Amber has been prized as a precious stone for thousands of years and is one of the common and most popular stones used to make crystal jewellery.  Come into alignment with the power of Amber by wearing it as a necklace, bracelet or ring.  You can also use this crystal to clear energy blockages in the Solar Plexus Chakra.  

Written by Donna Edwards


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