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Unakite for Presence and Gratitude

By LiveWell Community

Unakite is a beautiful crystal that helps you to remain present, reminding you to be grateful and celebrate all the things in your life that are showing up for you right now.  A stone of compassion and empathy it helps us to feel connected to ourselves and all living things around us, acknowledging we are all one.  Read on to find out more of the healing properties of Unakite.

Unakite: Appearance

Unakite is opaque, green and often mottled with shades of pink.  It is composed of Green Epidote, Pink Orthoclase and Clear Quartz.

Healing the mind

Unakite reminds us that there is no time like the present to chase our goals and desires.  A crystal that tells us the time is now to take action, whatever it may be.  Unakite can release you from the past, if you are dwelling on past situations or suffering from depression, this crystal can help to clear the energy you are still holding on to. Unakite is there to release you from your emotional pain.  A powerful stone in protecting you from negative energy and to help you connect to your higher self, gaining spiritual ascension.

Healing the body

Unakite can help to heal problems with the reproductive system, and can aid in the growth of hair and skin tissue.

Use Unakite if;

  • You suffer from depression or are dwelling something from the past
  • Want to balance your emotions
  • You want to release emotional baggage and stored emotions in the body
  • If you want to connect to your higher self
  • You need to practice grounding
  • To increase presence whilst meditating

Are you feeling drawn to the Unakite crystal?

Written by Donna Edwards

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