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Tigers Eye: For Clarity and Protection

By LiveWell Community

Tigers Eye helps us to see things as they really are, giving us clarity of perception and the insight to see what is holding us back, and where our energy has become blocked.  

Tigers Eye: Appearance

Tigers eye is mostly brown with bands of yellow and golden colours around its surface.

Healing the mind

Tigers Eye can be used as a protective amulet against evil.  It helps to solve issues surrounding low self-esteem and self-worth.  If you are struggling to find and express your creativity, it can help release blocked energy and provide a source of inspiration.  It can allow you to see your faults and flaws, which helps bring harmony to your relationships, as it allows you to see from another's perspective to gain deeper understanding.  Bringing overall peace, and resolving inner and outer conflicts.

Healing the body

This crystal supports general vitality.  Strengthening the endocrine system and bringing balance to the hormone levels. 

Healing the chakras

Tigers Eye works with the Solar Plexus chakra to help release stuck or congested energy.  It can be placed over this chakra centre during meditation to help aid in healing and balancing.  When the Solar Plexus is in balance it helps us to feel;

  • Invincible and powerful
  • Able to face challenges with ease
  • Self-accepting 

So how can we step into alignment with this crystals power?  Perfect to wear as a piece of jewellery to keep on you as a personal talisman.  Tigers Eye reminds us that we are safe, protected, and powerful within our own right.  So go out there and own it!

Written by Donna Edwards


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