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The Magic Of Manifestation - And the crystals to help you

By LiveWell Community

Im sure somewhere along the journey of life you’ve heard someone talking about the power of manifestation, but what is manifestation and how can it enhance your life? Let’s look at what it is and how to incorporate it into your life and also what crystals can aid you.

What is manifesting?

Now a very commonly used phrase manifesting isn’t actually too far off what our historical witchy sisters used to do when they did spells. A way to put out positive energy into the universe and bring into your life what you need. The more detailed description of manifesting is bringing something into a physically reality with thoughts and beliefs.  

How to Manifest

Manifesting is based on bringing into fruition what you are focusing on. So by thinking and believing something is going to happen it will happen. There are many ways to do this and all of them you can do along side each other. The first thing is to start believing you will get what you want in life. Envisioning how it would feel to get that promotion, meet that ideal partner or whatever it is you wish for.

Writing things down is also great for manifestation. Start the day writing what you are calling into your life. The words you write are important here though. Instead of writing I want, I need I hope etc try these alternatives:

I want a promotion ———- I will get a promotion

I need an amazing partner ———— I am going to meet an amazing partner

I hope I will become rich ——- I am rich and I will only get richer

You can use these as mantras to repeat to yourself throughout the day or write down whenever you have the time. Really try to visualise your life with all these things, try to feel the emotions you would feel with these things and visualise how your life will be with them.


3 Crystals to help with Manifesting

Crystals are a great aid to help with your manifestations, Its a nice idea to write down what you want to manifest and attach it to a crystal that can help with that wish. I personally like to either fold up a piece of paper with my wish on and pop it onto my crystal with an elastic band or use a crystal dish where I can fold up all my wishes really small and keep them together on the dish. Here are three great crystals for a lot of the most common things people want to manifest.

Looking for love?

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of love, if you are trying to bring someone new into your life or trying to enhance the love you have with a partner currently or any other love related wishes, Rose Quartz is the one for you

Want to excel at work?


 The powerful stone of abundance, Citrine is perfect for anyone looking to bring more wealth into their life. This bright yellow stone is shining to bring confidence into your life.

Need some healing?

Clear Quartz 

Often known as the master healer, clear quartz is a great crystal to manifest up healing in your life. Whether its physical or emotional healing you need this calming stone is great to bring tranquility and good health into your life

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