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The Crystal of Christmas? Red Jasper for vitality and endurance

By LiveWell Community

As great as the festive period is, it can bring a lot of stress and extra work.  Not to mention a time of cold and flu.  Red Jasper is the perfect stone for staying grounded and healthy this Christmas, and not just because its red. Promoting energizing qualities to help increase motivation through the shorter days, and strength and vitality to help support our immune system.  This red crystal might just be your go to Santa's little helper this year.

Red Jasper: Appearance

Red Jasper is an opaque crystal and varies in colour from blood red to a reddish brown.


Healing the mind

This crystal is a grounding stone helping us in times of stress and chaos to remember what's important.  This sense of grounding helps us to stay connected to our surroundings and ourselves.  It is also a protective stone that encourages to focus on finding a solution instead of unnecessary worry.  It can help balance emotional wellbeing and renewed enthusiasm for life.


Healing the body

Red Jasper helps increase stamina and endurance.  Giving us that get up and go during the dark mornings.  It helps to release toxins from the liver and intestines, great for this time of year when we over indulge on rich foods and drinks.  It can also help us to take control of our own emotional healing balancing the emotional body. 


Red Jasper can be used to heal and remove blockages from the root chakra.



By Donna Edwards

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