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The best crystals for: Anxiety

By LiveWell Community

Do you suffer from anxiety?  Racing thoughts, feeling withdrawn or constantly feeling worried.  Our Healing Crystal Set for Anxiety is perfect for helping to reduce the feelings caused by anxiousness.  These are the crystals you need in your life to finally combat those worries, and encourage you to find peace in the present moment.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz helps to soothe negative thoughts and promote self love.  This crystal works with the heart centre to balance energy, releasing negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness.  By encouraging a deeper sense of self care and love, this stone will help you to realise you're worries don't control you.  You are not your worries.  Rose Quartz allows us to be patient and treat ourselves with loving kindness, helping to calm us down in times of need.

Tip!  Keep your Rose Quartz stone near your heart, or the heart chakra to be reminded of its soothing powers on the go!

Blue Tigers Eye

Blue Tigers Eye helps to reduce anxious thoughts and calms a temper.  It promotes a feeling of calm and peace within the body and mind, reminding us to slow down and breathe.  Not to be overwhelmed by our stress, but to face it with courage and a positive mind set.  Tigers Eye can also help to reduce feelings of fatigue and depression, offering the perfect little boost in times of low energy and overwhelm.

Tip!  This is a great crystal to keep in your work space or office to help you in times of stress.  Keep it on your desk as a soothing reminder to slow down.


Fluorite is a powerful stone that helps you connect back to the earth and the present moment.  Protecting us from external negative energy, reminding us that we are in control!  This crystal brings with it a sense of peace, by clearing unwanted thoughts or energy, helping you to see with clarity and a focused mind.  Fluorite encourages us to connect back to ourselves through nature, to take time out and slow down.  This stone can help cleanse your soul of negativity, even during the most difficult moments.


Bloodstone helps us to stay grounded and remain in the present.  Most of our worries take place from thinking about something that happened in the past, or something worrying us in the future.  This crystal is our anchor into the NOW.  Reminding us that all that matters is this moment.  Helping to clear energy blocks within the body, this crystal allows the energy of the chakras to flow freely.  This helps you to feel balanced and calm from the inside out.

This beautiful crystal set makes the perfect gift for anyone suffering from anxious feelings.  Promoting an overall sense of calm and peace.  You can purchase your gift wrapped healing crystal set HERE.

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