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The 5 crystals you need for your home

By LiveWell Community

Crystals not only protect us but they can protect and uplift the space around us too!  Keeping crystals in your home can help to cleanse and protect the energy, and to help create the energy you desire to feel throughout your home.  So whether you're looking for better sleep in your bedroom or something to protect your space, these are our 5 must have crystals for your home!

For protection in the entrance - Black Tourmaline

If you worry about bad energy in or around your home, Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protection crystal.  Warding off negative energy and spirit, this crystal will protect you from negativity and harm in the home.

Tip!  Place Black Tourmaline by your front door.  This is the entrance to your home, not only for you but for bad energy.  Instead of bringing negative energy into your home, create a shield of protection to leave it outside!  Every time you enter your home, feel the power of the Black Tourmaline cleansing the negativity from you as you walk by.

For uplifting light and energy in the living space - Selenite

Selenite is the crystal for bringing beautiful light and uplifting energy into your home.  This crystal inspires life and vitality reminding us that life is for living and enjoying!  You can use this crystal in any room of your house, wherever you feel like you might need that boost of energy.  We recommend keeping this crystal in the main space of your house such as the living room.  Helping to boost and inspire the whole household!  This crystal will support a happy home, and promote clarity and positivity in the air!

For focus & organisation in the office - Red Jasper

Red Jasper is the perfect crystal to keep in your home office or work space.  Helping to keep things around the home organised and tidy.  This stone encourages you to focus and could help you to see work projects and tasks through to completion.  Red Jasper can also reduce and clear electromagnetic energy, so it's good to keep around your technology to help absorb external energy and heat from their systems.  Place this stone on your work desk to help you keep things in order, and stay on top of things! 

For loving communication in the bedroom - Rose Quartz

Placing Rose Quartz on the bed side table next to where you sleep will help promote a sense of love.  Creating a peaceful, calming and soothing atmosphere around you.  This stone will help to bring harmony to the relationships in your home, and within your family.  Reminding us to speak and live from a place of love.  You could also keep Rose Quartz on the dining table, to uplift and help the whole family to communicate with love and feel peaceful within!

For high vibration in your quiet place - Amethyst

Amethyst is the perfect stone to keep next to your yoga mat, meditation cushion or favourite cosy arm chair.  This crystal will help to boost spiritual connection, get rid of negative energy and support you on your spiritual path.  Amethyst is known as a healing crystal, so it promotes soothing and healing properties around your space 




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