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Shungite: For purification and shielding

By LiveWell Community

Shungite: For purification and shielding 

Shungite is a crystal to help detoxify the body, and protect your spirit from negativity and external physical factors. A great stone for if you spend a lot of time around technology, it can shield you from electromagnetic energy, and rid the body of pollutants, bacteria and free radicals.

Shungite: Appearance

Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral mainly consisting of carbon.  It ranges from dark grey to coal black in colour.

Healing the mind

Shungite has been nicknamed ‘the miracle stone of the 21st century.’  It is incredibly powerful in purifying the mental, emotional and physical body.  Its grounding and protective energy help to banish negativity from the mind.  Absorbing toxic energy, it’s a great stone to use for cleansing the aura and energy, helping you to become healthier and happier from the inside out.   

Healing the body

Shungite is most famous for protecting us from electromagnetic fields.  Preventing harmful frequencies from electronic devices from entering the body.  It can also help to clear phases of low energy and brain fog, allowing us to feel a sense of renewal and aliveness.  It helps rid the body of toxins, free radicals, pollution, bacteria and viruses.  It can also help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Top Tip – With this being such a powerful crystal for absorbing energy, it needs to be cleansed and charged more frequently.  You can do this by placing your crystal in direct sunlight, moonlight or grounding it back to earth through nature.


Written by Donna Edwards

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