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Purple Fluorite: for inspiration and awareness

By LiveWell Community

Purple Fluorite is a crystal to inspire and awaken new ideas, to inspire great innovation and creative endeavours.  It also helps to increase awareness, allowing you to see life from a higher perspective.  A powerful stone to open the wearer up to their highest potential.



Purple Fluorite: Appearance

Purple Fluorite ranges in colour from lilac to deep purple.  It can be transparent and opaque. 


Healing the mind

This crystal can be used during meditation to unlock your highest potential and boost mental clarity and power.  By helping you to focus and come into a deep state of concentration, it allows you to come into alignment with your truth, goals and dreams.  It can also help in making important decisions, clear negative thought patterns and learn to control the mind.  Fluorite ignites your creative spark and innovation skills.


Healing the body

Purple Fluorite restores the energy structure of the body, helping you to feel, whole, complete and full of vitality.  Improving overall health and rejuvenating the physical body.  It can also be used for chakra healing in the crown chakra, removing mental blockages and stagnant energy.

Top Tip – Meditate with Purple Fluorite when focusing on manifestation.  The crystals high frequency raises your vibration to the level of your highest self.  Bringing you closer to believing in what you desire can truly be yours.


By Donna Edwards 

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