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New Year, New Beginning: Here’s the crystals you need!

By LiveWell Community

After another hectic and turbulent year, we all want to get 2022 off to the best start possible.  Ready to let go of this year and start again feeling refreshed, renewed and re-inspired?  These crystals are perfect for a fresh start.  Giving you the confidence to face each new month of the year with a sense of hope and possibility!

Blue Kyanite 

For moving forwards and letting go of the past

Blue Kyanite offers feeling of grounding and support through changes and new beginnings.  It can help release emotional ties to situations we may be holding on to that are preventing us from moving forwards with ease.  It also encourages self-belief; releases worries surrounding changing circumstances and allows us to communicate our needs.  Helping us to build firm foundations as we start over.


For inspiration and motivation when starting again

A stone of hope and success, Amazonite will give you all the inspiration and motivation you need on your journey.  From small beginnings come great things, and Amazonite is here to remind you of that.  It allows us to feel courageous in our pursuits and to take on new challenges and experiences with ease and confidence.  It can help attract new opportunities that align with your lifes direction.


For protection on our new path

Labradorite teaches us to trust our own intuition and judgement as we forge this new path forwards.  It helps you to recognise the situations that are right for you, and the things that are sent to distract you on your journey.  It is also a common stone used for protection and keeps us from harm, negative energy and outsider opinions who may try to deter you from something you know is right for you. 


For after experiencing loss or change

Tanzanite helps you to overcome your fear and anxiety's that often come with times of loss or change.  Although it's important to process the end of one thing before we start another, this stone reminds us not to dwell on what has passed.  Reminding us to celebrate and embrace the life we have right now.  Tanzanite lets you feel love and gratitude, key to manifesting more of the right things into your life.


For new ventures in business 

Citrine is a lucky stone, especially when it comes to business and finances.  Perfect if your new venture is starting a new business or the beginning of a new job.  Helping to manifest financial success, abundance, and to stop caring about other people's opinions.   A stone full of optimism and inspiration.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous New year! 


By Donna Edwards

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