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Kyanite Crystal: Properties and Meanings

By LiveWell Community

Kyanite brings those water-like vibrations, here to bring you feelings of vitality, emotional steadiness and clarity through communication.  This crystal helps us to float on the surface instead of dissolving into the deep—a powerful crystal of healing properties for mind, body and spirit.  Kyanite is one of the most popular stones for healing and calming the nervous system.  Want to know more about this ocean-inspired crystal?  Here are Kyanite's most beneficial properties.

Kyanite - LiveWell Project

Kyanite: Appearance

Kyanite can range in colour from pale blue to royal blue, through to indigo.  

Healing the mind

Kyanite is a helpful stone for those who suffer from anxiety, stress or depression.  It helps gently guide you towards more positive thoughts, and away from negativity.  This crystal gives its bearer a better and more balanced connection with the self.  Steadying emotions and promoting healing from unresolved past trauma.  It helps you to feel whole as you are, without the need to pressure yourself.  Kyanite is a stone of vitalisation and rejuvenation, gently cleansing and clearing the body to find clarity.  This crystal will also help you to find your voice and voice your opinion.  It can also increase our connection to the divine energy and higher self and be a powerful stone to use during meditation to connect you to your guardian angels.

Healing the body

Kyanite helps to regenerate the body and is a natural provider of pain relief to the physical body.  Its soothing energy can release the stress that has manifested and built up in the body, providing gentle release and feelings of expansion.  Kyanite can be gently rubbed over tense or painful parts of the body to soothe and soften muscles.  It is also beneficial to those with high blood pressure and helps prevent infection.  

Kyanite Energy Keywords

  • Calming
  • Mental Clarity
  • Intuition
  • Positivity
  • Rejuvenation

Is Kyanite the crystal for you?

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