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Improve your intuition with Moonstone

By LiveWell Community

Moonstone is a stone of mystery, discovery, insight, intuition and dreams.  Connecting us to our inner feminine and the divine energy of the universe, this stone represents the aspect of all creation.  A magical crystal to add to your wellness toolkit, lets take a look at the properties and energy this crystal can provide us.



Moonstone: Appearance

Moonstone is a pearly white/soft blue stone that varies depending on the crystals structure.  It can also have opalescence and iridescent qualities.

Healing the Mind

Moonstone will help to connect you to your intuition.  To trust your instincts and understand that you are being divinely guided by higher powers.  This crystal connects us to the moons energy and our feminine side, promoting our caring, compassionate and motherly side.  Helping us to gain better clarity around our emotions, this stone balances the subtle energy systems of the body.  Allowing us to find comfort, contemplation and content.

Healing the Body

This stone promotes fertility, aids peaceful sleep, relieves digestive troubles and balances the bodies lymphatic system.  It can also help ease menstrual cramps and water retention.  Therefore making this a great crystal to work with the feminine body.

Healing the Chakras

Moonstone works well with the third eye, heart and sacral chakra.  Boosting our feminine energy, fertility and our compassionate loving energy. This crystal can open up the flow of energy within these key energy centres.  You can use this stone over any of the three suggested Chakras for healing in this area.  Nurture your soul and heal imbalance.



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