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How do healing crystals work? Where does it come from?

By LiveWell Community


Ok so i'll admit there isn’t exactly a super scientific explanation to how crystals work but if you are open to a few less scientific theories I can try make it make as much sense as possible!

Let’s start with the basics of where exactly crystals come from. Crystals are naturally formed. Which means they are formed using the powers of our beautiful mother nature. Crystals are technically fossilised minerals, and just as minerals are used worldwide in beauty treatments for their properties Crystals can also be used based on their molecular composition to aid in healing.

Crystal usage actually dates all the way back to the ancient sumerian times , the Sumerians believed that crystals would help with their medicines so they used them in their magic formulas. It is also well documented in Chinese medicine, it's still used today but also dates way back over 5000 years

As with everything here on earth crystals have their own particular vibration which aids them in their healing properties. Tapping into these frequencies and energies is what we need to do to feel all their benefits. When you are able to let go and hold space for these crystals to channel their energy through you, this is where the magic happens and the body can heal from the inside out. They work in much the same way as aromatherapy and essential oils. Tapping into the senses and allowing the body to feel and flow with their energies.

Connecting the crystals to your body, holding them in your hand to meditate as well as just carrying in your pocket or bag are all create ways to connect with the crystals. Each crystal carries its own properties and powers two. It's a good idea to delve into the extensive information online to find which crystals suit you best but as a start if you are a newbie to the world of crystals I would start with my top 3. Amethyst is known for its healing properties, rose quartz for its guidance towards love and labradorite for safe travels. These are three crystals that I never leave home without!

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