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How Clear Quartz can boost the power of your crystals

By LiveWell Community

Clear Quartz is the master healer, curer of all.  This transparent stone is one of the most popular crystals of all time.  Not only does it have its own unique qualities, but this crystal can help to boost the powers of your other crystals too.  So what makes Clear Quartz such a special stone? 

Clear Quartz: Appearance

Quartz is transparent.  Clear and see through.  This stones neutrality makes it powerful to use with any of the chakra centres. 

Healing the Mind

Clear Quartz with its transparent appearance helps to bring clarity of the mind and thoughts.  Removing any blocks within the body, helping you to feel energized and in flow with universe.  It can also be used to direct your energy and focus onto your intentions.  Amplifying your concentrated attention it can bring your goals and dreams into fruition through focus.  This crystal can also help connect us to our higher self, connecting with all the chakras and increasing our vibration.

Healing the Body

This crystal is a master healer and a cure all stone.  It can be placed anywhere over the body to heal and balance the physical and energetic body.  A great stone to use during meditation to bring calmness and clarity to the mind and to the body.

Clear Quartz and other Crystals

This crystal can amplify and increase the harmony of the energies of all other crystals.  Placing this stone next to any other crystal will help to give the other crystals unique powers and properties a boost.  Its important to keep your crystal cleansed and clear during this process.  For tips on how to recharge and cleanse your crystals CLICK HERE.


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