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Hematite: Crystal Meanings and Properties

By LiveWell Community

Hematite is a powerful crystal for grounding and bringing you back to your connection with the earth.  When life feels chaotic and hectic and you need to bring calming and centring energy into your day, hematite is the crystal for you.  With its feelings of stability and security, Hematite works in conjunction with the root chakra, making this stone perfect for those times when we feel ourselves drifting with our heads in the clouds, to bring us back to earth and root us in the present.


Hematite Crystal - LiveWell Project

Hematite: Appearance

Hematite is silver to grey in colour, has a metallic appearance and is usually smooth in surface texture.

Healing the mind

Hematite's main properties lie within grounding and stability, helping to bring balance back into your life in areas you’ve lost it.  Hematite helps to reduce feelings of stress, and anxiety, lessen worries and bring calming energy into the body.  Reminding us of our earthly connection, to take a moment to pause, breathe and take stock when life gets too much.  This crystal will help to align your energy, rooted in strength and the energy of nature that surrounds you.  It also helps you to release any energy that is blocking you from feeling grounded and secure in your life. 

Healing the body

Hematite works with the circulatory system, healing and promoting blood health and oxygen flow.  It also works to calm the nervous system, with its soothing and grounding properties.  Hematite can also be used for pain relief, especially within the spine as it connects to the root chakra at the very base of the spine, the starting point for all the other energy centres.  

Keywords for Hematite energy

  • Grounding
  • Stabilising
  • Security
  • Balancing

Is Hematite the crystal for you?

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