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Crystals you can wear

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Crystals you can wear 

I’ll admit I am always going on about the crystals you should have for your home and how amazing they are at your altar and for use when meditating but i've actually never written about how amazing it is that you can also wear them! Whether you are buying for a gift for a friend (dare I say for Christmas) or just looking for some wearable magic here a guide to what to buy! 

Firstly let's have a look at the positioning of your jewellery, you’ll want different crystals for different places on your body. The most obvious is round your neck with a necklace, depending on the length of the chain it's good to have stones that work well with either your throat or heart chakra. I personally find my favourite unstoppable duo is having a slightly longer chain with a rose quartz to link with your heart chakra. Being the stone of love is nice to keep your heart warm, open and surrounded by love.

Next for a necklace I would recommend ruby, it's a beautiful red color and its healing properties are great to balance the heart and give confidence.

Another great one for around your neck is peridot which is known well for its calming qualities and luck, no matter whether its closer to your heart or throat chakras on its chain a bit of luck is always warmly welcomed in my book. This means the peridot is actually magic wherever it is, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and anywhere at all!

The versatility of have a bracelet is amazing as your hands and wrists are adventuring all over the place throughout the day. I personally wear a rose quartz on my wrist and if i’m feeling particularly anxious it's easy for me to place my hand on my heart and meditate on it for a minute to calm me. This is an amazing way to absorb the energy of any stone you have on your wrist. This means when it comes to bracelets it's better to choose the stone based on the healing properties you are looking for.

Aquamarine, also known as the breath stone is great for someone looking for calming. In physical healing it's thought to be good for respiratory and lung problems. So heading into winter I would recommend all of us have an aquamarine on us at all times! This stone is also sometimes associated with the throat chakra so is nice on a necklace also.

Lastly let's have a peek into the healing properties of moonstone, aesthetically moonstone is one of my favourite stones, there is just something about the iridescent shimmer of the moonstone that gets me everytime! moonstone is an amazing crystal for helping you conquer stress, its known as a stone for new beginning to so helps you to get that clean state in your mind if you are over thinking.

Overall try to remember that when choosing crystals for you or friends a lot of the guidance you need to decided comes from you and your intuition. Take time to look at the stones and see what you are drawn to. I find often you are drawn to a certain stone and then you read what its for and you smile as you read it and think ‘this makes sense’ So happy shopping, have fun with it!

By the girl and the cards

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