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Crystals we could all use for November

By LiveWell Community

Crystals we could all use for November

Whether you're a long time crystal fan or diving into the concept of crystals for the first time here is a guide to the crystals that literally everyone could do with this November.

I always had a fascination with rocks as a child and to discover later on in life that there was a whole bunch of adults living their lives harnessing the power of crystals was such a delight. When we think about winter there are a few options of crystals we can look at, the aesthetically pleasing winter looking crystals and the ones that’s healing properties will help us specifically in winter.

Firstly let’s look at winter aesthetics, the icey look of the clear quartz is a perfect addition to any crystal collection anyway but it’s also a beautiful one to take into winter. Not only is a it a great crystal for clarity it's also a great crystal for amplifying the powers of the crystals around them.

Next we can look at blue crystals like blue calcite which is amazing to look at as well as a great stone to help with communication, it's often used on the throat chakra to help you talk clearly with others so might be a good one to get if you are planning on spending time with the family at Christmas.


P.s sorry to bring up Christmas but it's honestly just around the corner.

Now let's look at some of the red crystals, Red stones are very much known for bringing that fiery energy needed to not only warm you up for winter but bring out your true desires. This is great for anxiety and gives a little pick me up if you’re feeling down. 

Lastly let's look at one of my favourites of the quartz family, the yellow quartz. This Quartz is known as the golden healer so if you’re feeling bogged down  and stuffed up by the weather this may be the one to keep by your bed so you can wake up feeling better in the morning.

Hopefully this helps you ease into November with a few tricks up your sleeve!


By the girl and the cards

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