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Crystals to keep at work.

By LiveWell Community

Our workplaces are often where we spend a large portion of our day.  Sometimes we can find ourselves overwhelmed by our workloads, feeling put down by our boss or stressed by a task.  So how can crystals help us whilst we work?  By bringing the energy of crystals to your workspace, they can help to create a calmer, more positive environment.  These are the top crystals to keep at work, or on your desk.


Clear Quartz – To help you focus when you need to get the job done

Clear Quartz is here to help you focus and gain clarity.  This stone helps to remind us what’s important and to channel our energy towards our priorities.  Clear Quartz crystal will help you to be productive and motivated whilst you work.  A great stone to keep on hand at work.  It will also help to clear and cleanse the space around you, making it more enjoyable to work from! 

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Black Tourmaline – To protect you from negative energy in the workplace

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate stone of protection.  Helping to protect your energetic boundaries.  Perfect for helping keep negative energies from a boss or colleague at bay.  Keeping this stone on your desk will help to remind you that you don’t have to take bad energy from anyone.  You are the creator of your life and what you accept is up to you.  



Shungite – To shield your energy from electromagnetic frequencies

Shungite will help to combat the electromagnetic frequencies given out by your workplace technology.  From your computer to your mobile phone, our technology is vibrating at a frequency that doesn’t serve our wellbeing.  It can cause us to feel more stressed and affect our ability to focus.  Shungite actually helps to absorb these electromagnetic frequencies, and protect you against them.  It can also act as a shield of protection towards your energy field.  


Amethyst – To create positivity and reduce stress

Amethyst is a great all-around stone, but can be especially useful to have in the work place.  When we work in a positive uplifting environment, it helps us to be more productive and enjoy what we do.  Though we can’t be in control of our whole job and the people around us, we can control the energy in our personal work space.  Amethyst helps you to feel calmer, less stressed and encourages you to think more positively as it dissolves negative thought patterns.  

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Rose Quartz – To boost confidence and self-belief

Rose Quartz in the workplace helps to remind you of your worth.  To believe in yourself and your ideas, and to feel confident in what you bring to your job!  It also reminds you to be kind and compassionate towards yourself and others.  We all make mistakes, and this crystal helps us to forgive and forget.  Whenever you find yourself criticising or judging yourself or others harshly, give this crystal a squeeze to bring back the feeling of loving kindness. 

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