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Crystals for February

By The Studio

Wahoo! We’ve made it through the first month of the year! With January already over we are going to look at some magical crystals that are a great asset to have in February and moving feared into the rest of the year.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere January is one more cold month out the way before hopefully it can only get warmer leading into summer months. Not that I want to wish the year away but honestly I can’t wait for the British summer! I'm going to show you some crystals to brighten up the next month.

First crystal I’m going to rave about is the stunning Rainbow Fluorite. You can even find this beautiful crystal in England where it naturally forms. Rainbow fluorite is all about clarity. A great affirmation for this stone would be ‘ I allow my mind to be clear in order to bring in all that is meant for me’ This gorgeous crystal reflects the light so beautifully especially when in direct sunlight. It’s known for enhancing energetic protection, helping maintain energy balance in your body and enhancing mental clarity as well as improving concentration.

Next here are some crystals for protection. Keeping the energy flowing in February is important and protecting yourself from negative energy and any other distractions is a good way to keep the year going in a good direction. Black Onyx and Tourmaline are both great for protection. Keeping these two around you should keep you out of drama and negative thinking. 

Now no February list would be complete without Rose Quartz the crystal of LOVE. With Valentine's round the corner (God help me) add a little love to your energy field. Whether its amplifying your love with a partner or family member, enhancing your self love practices or encouraging a new love into your life this crystal is a must have. I literally carry one wherever I go.

Now if you are looking for a little spark of abundance into your life grab yourself a citrine crystal. If January has been quiet on the business front Citrine has a bright energy for abundance. With it’s mesmerising yellow colour, it's bound to bring some bright energy into your life. It's a clever little crystal too, known to bring abundance to where you need it most in your life.

Lastly Who wouldn’t want a little luck? The green stones, Jade and Aventurine are known for good luck. Have these stones around when manifesting for a little extra luck in what you are bringing in.

Here's to a great February full of love abundance and luck!


By Lauren Rose 

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