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Crystals for December

By LiveWell Community


We’ve made it into the last month of 2021, what a year its been hey! Let’s look at some fabulous crystals for December that we can keep on benefiting from next year too.



Sometimes picking the right crystals can be an overwhelming experience. There are SO many different types of crystals with different shapes, sizes, properties, colours, you name it , there’s a crystal for it!


First thing to note is choosing a crystal can sometimes just be the case of one you like the look of. Crystals have a funny way of appealing to you, and then when you find out what its properties are you smile and think that sounds about right. Although if you are looking for some guidance or maybe that you are looking to buy for a friend i’m going to show you a few amazing crystals that are great gifts and also lovely crystals to have for December.


Lets look at the birthstones for December first which are turquoise, blue zircon and tanzanite.


Turquoise is sometimes considered as a love stone, when given as a gift it is known as a sign of affection. It is known to attract money and success so its a great stone to have at any time but for December its great to come into the new year knowing you have the magical powers of turquoise on your side.


Zircon comes in many different colours, green being the rarest but the blue zircon is the one associated with December. It is believed to aid in spiritual growth and wisdom.


Lastly for the birthstones is Tanzanite. This is associated with the throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. It is also used to help to our spiritual identity and activate our physic abilities. It’s often used by healers to protect themselves when healing others.


These are the three stones specifically for December but I have two more recommendations for stones that I think are also a delightful addition to anyones collection. One is Citrine and the other is Tigers Eye.


Firstly Citrine is a beautiful yellow colour. Adding some sunshine into your life can never be a bad thing! Citrine is also know for brining in joy, prosperity and good energy, what better combination for the holiday season!


Last but not least is Tigers Eye, this stone is all about balance, about finding harmony between all polarities. Family Christmas comes to mind for me, if you need a little assistance in keeping people grounded and not fighting over who is cheating at monopoly this Christmas this might be the one for you!


 By Lauren Rose

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