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Crystals for beginners; Choosing your first crystals

By LiveWell Community

The most important thing to do when thinking about introducing crystals into your life is keeping an open mind. Although Millions of people all over earth believe in the healing powers of crystals its still considered alternative medicine. There is so much choice when it comes to crystals it may be a bit overwhelming deciding which ones to start with. So i’m going to give you a little run down of the most common ones and what their uses are.

5 wonderful crystals to get yourself started

Rose Quartz- One of the most popular of the stunning quartz family. This crystal is the symbol of unconditional love. I would recommend this crystal to everyone as who doesn’t want an abundance of love in their life. Having this crystal around attracts beautiful peaceful, calm love. This is a great one for anyone struggling to love themselves or anyone looking for some positive love energy in their life.

Amethyst- Another wildly popular crystal, often seen in its geode form (which is where the crystal has not been cut and smoothed. This is how crystals are in their natural state) Use this crystal if you are in need of a little peace. Amethyst is there to bring balance into your life. Use this stone to centre yourself, it’s a wonderful stone to keep by your bed for a calm sleep.

Jade- A hugely celebrated stone, especially in Asia. Jade is a stone that is thought to bring you great luck and happiness. Feeling a bit stuck at work or feeling a bit weighed down with responsibilities? This is a beautiful stone to perk you up with a little good old fashioned luck.

Citrine- This is the ultimate stone of manifestation!  This stone is thought to stimulate all the chakras and bring in warm energy, just like the sun. Use this stone to clear any mental blocks you might be having and bring in the powers to manifest all the good you want to see in your life.

Tigers eye- Tigers eye is all about inner strength, it is a stone believed to protect you from evil and enable you to harness all your beautiful powers within. Keep this stone around to remind you how powerful you really are.

Find crystals that resonate with you

Lastly take a good look at how each crystals looks and see if any of them jump out at you. Often just the beauty of the stone can be tempting before you even know the meaning. It's always exciting to pick a random stone you like the look. More often than not when you look up the meaning it’s something you maybe even already knew you needed to bring into your life.

Written by The girl and the cards.

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