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Crystal shapes and their meanings

By LiveWell Community

Crystals come in a plethora of shapes and sizes but what do they all mean? Every shape has a specific meaning and usage so I’m going to explain the most common ones you may come across and what uses they have. This can give you a better idea of which crystals specifically align with you on your spiritual journey.


Let’s start with the basics. The most common shapes you’ll see would be tumble stones, points (sometimes known as towers) clusters/geodes, and wands. Some of the less common we can look at are pyramids, hearts and spheres.


Tumble stones are small crystals. They are absolutely ideal for carrying on your person when you need a certain crystal by your side throughout the day. I like to make a little mix of a few crystals with energy I need, put them in a little felt bag and carry them in my bag all the time. It’s easy to chop on change the crystals with other crystals as and when you need them.


Points/Towers are carved crystals with 6-8 sides. They have flat bottoms so they can stand alone. These pointy beauties can have a sharp point though so be careful with them. Their points direct their energy straight upwards and they are often used as a focal point to any alter. It’s a great shape to use while mediating to release negative energy as you to channel it all out the point, into the sky and away.


Let’s look at clusters/geodes next, these formations happen naturally so no two geodes or clusters will ever be the same. This is also a good thing to bear in mind when buying crystals as its an easy way to tell if they are man made if they all look exactly the same. Geodes tend to have their crystals on the inside where the clusters are all on the outside. Geodes are often found when cutting rocks in half.


Both clusters and geodes have super strong energy as they haver so many different points all together harmoniously radiating energy.  They are great to keep in any room of the house to raise the vibrations of the whole room, the bigger the geode/cluster the larger space it can cover.  If you have cluster or geode that’s not super fragile you can also use it to hold things like jewellery which can even charge up energy in the jewellery itself.


Next onto Wands. Wands are very similar to the points only they have points on both sides instead of having a flat surface to stand up on. Sometimes one of the sides is rounded but its never flat. These are great for healing. You can use over someones body for a healing body scan. They are great for moving energy.


Now onto some of the less common shapes, also bear in mind that a skilled crystal carver can carve almost any shape out of a crystal.


Pyramids, widely known in sacred geometry are often associated with manifestation. They provide a very grounded energy and are amazing additions anywhere round the house. If you are into chakras it’s good to know that’s the pyramid connects the crown chakra to the root chakra which also assists in its balancing affects. If I am feeling out of balance in any of my chakras I like to place a pyramids on that chakra on my body and meditate on it to help restore balance.


Hearts to be honest are pretty self explanatory, they help connect with your heart chakra so can be amazing to use when healing that chakra. This is a good shape to use for crystal newbies as the energy it emits is a bit softer. I have a rose quartz heart crystal I keep in my bathroom by the mirror to always remind me to love myself and my body.


The last one we will look at is the sphere. Due to its round shape it emits energy evenly in every direction. Making it a great crystal for restoring harmony. Its also amazing for charging other crystals around it with its energy. You can also hold them in your hands when meditating.


There really are endless choices when it comes to crystals, these guides may align you with a shape that might work for you but ultimately don’t forget to trust your intuition when deciding.


By Lauren Rose 




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