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Clear Quartz - For Cleansing and Amplifying

By LiveWell Community

Crystal of the week: Clear Quartz

Our crystal of the week this week is one of the master healers, a powerful cleansing and amplifying stone. Clear Quartz!  Quartz is not only powerful to use as an individual crystal, but it can also help to boost the power of all the other crystals around it.  It's great for clearing and cleansing energy, bringing light, healing, and purification.  This crystal is a perfect beginners stone to start your healing journey and work with crystals.

Clear Quartz - LiveWell Project

Clear Quartz Appearance

Clear Quartz is transparent and clear in appearance.

Healing the mind

Clear Quartz brings energies into harmony.  Clarity to the mind and is cleansing for the body.  It works with the entire chakra system to remove and clear energetic blocks, to help energy flow freely within.  When healing energy is directed through a clear quartz crystal it helps to amplify concentrated attention and intention.  It can also increase our state of consciousness, bring balance to the aura and energetic field and is a powerful stone to use during meditation practices.  This crystal will help to clear any mental clutter and bring you into alignment with your goals and desires, and connect you to your highest state of living.

Healing the body

Known as one of the master healers, Clear Quartz is a common crystal used in healing practices.  It can help bring healing energy to any area of the body, and is used to treat many conditions.  It brings balance to the physical, spiritual and emotional body, clearing blockages.  Its cleansing properties help to detoxify, removing toxins and built up dis-ease from the body.  

Clear Quartz Energy

  • Healing
  • Cleansing
  • Clarifying
  • Truth
  • Clearing
  • Balance
  • Is Clear Quartz the crystal for you?

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