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Balance Your Energy With Angel Aura

By LiveWell Community

Angel Aura is a type of quartz with some angelic properties. A nourishing crystal of connection and heart-boosting energy, it's your own little guardian angel. This week's crystal of the week will help to protect you, balance your energy and deepen your connection to higher powers. This sweet crystal is your own piece of heavenly and divine energy. Here’s what else Angel Aura can do for you.

Angel Aura

Angel Aura: Appearance

Angel Aura is a member of the quartz family which has a magical and angelic appearance. It's radiant silvery, blue colour reflects rainbow colours on its surface making this stone just like an angel's wing!

Healing with Angel Aura

This crystal is known for its calming, sweet and loving energy. Angel Aura is here to help you feel looked after.  That you always have an angel looking over you. A nurturing stone that will gently elevate your mood by stimulating positive energy within the body.  This crystal also acts as a protective barrier, protecting the aura from psychic attack and negativity. Just looking at the magic appearance of this crystal can calm the mind and bring you into a more mindful state. It can be used during meditation to connect to the higher self, as a tool of divination, and to connect you to your angel guides. Angel Aura promotes rest and serenity, purification and wholeness. It reminds you of your spiritual purpose here on this earth and removes any toxicity from your path. This crystal will also bring balance to the spiritual and physical body, allowing them to work in effortless harmony.  Angel Aura heals the physical body by releasing stress and anxiety that can manifest into dis-ease.  It works with the entire chakra system to create a free flow of energy through the energetic body, healing all that meets its path. It is a common stone used by healers and wellness practitioners.  

Angel Aura Energy Keywords

  • Calming
  • Gentle 
  • Protective
  • Nurturing
  • Serene
  • Clarity
  • Guidance
  • Healing

Is Angel Aura speaking to you?

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