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Aquamarine: The crystal to calm and cleanse

By LiveWell Community

Aquamarine: To calm and cleanse

Aquamarine reminds us of the soothing properties of the ocean, allowing us to calm our inner storm and return to smooth and steady waters.  

Aquamarine: Appearance

The word Aquamarine is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘’water of the sea’.  Its colours differ from blues to greens.

Healing the mind

Aquamarine promotes a sense of calm and inner peace.  Helping to clear feelings of built-up anger, or calm a quick temper, keeping us level headed.  It clarifies our perception and allows us to see beyond our clouded vision.  This stone is also powerful in allowing us to feel free from other people's judgements, perceptions, influences and impressions. 

Healing the body

This crystal boosts the immune system, and helps to ease problems in the ears, nose, throat and nervous system.  It can also be useful in releasing symptoms of panic attacks, seasickness and fears.

Healing the chakras

Aquamarine can be used in alignment with the throat chakra.  The throat chakra allows us to communicate clearly, and express ourselves freely.  This crystal helps clear emotions and bring a free flow of energy to the throat chakra.  When meditating with this crystal hold it in your hand or place it over the throat chakra, to allow the crystals healing properties to wash over you.


Written by Donna Edwards


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