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A spell jar to bring peace

By LiveWell Community

 A friend asked me the other day how can you make someone happy? I said ‘bring them peace’ With our busy lives, work stresses, relationship dramas and everything else in between wouldn’t it be the absolute dream to just have a bit of peace and quiet mentally and physically. I’m going to show you a few things you can put together in a spell jar to bring a little peace to you or anyone who needs it.

Spell jars have been used for centuries for a bit of magic when people have needed it. 2022 is no different. I'm going to show you some things you can collect together and put in any jar (or container) of your choice to add a little magic to your life.


First thing to note is this is just a guide and that like with all magic add whatever feels right for you and don’t worry if you don’t have access to everything on the list. Part of the fun is making it and manifesting the energy it brings with your own magic.


So lets start with the basics. You’ll need a little container, preferably a jar. Also if you want to add any substantial liquid (moon water, oils etc) then make sure it's not going to leak.


My top crystals you can add that are great to bring peace are


Black Tourmaline- helps with protection and banishing negative thoughts

Quartz- to bring calm


Angelite - for surrendering and trusting the process


Larimar - for calm and protection from overwhelm


Next here are a few items you can include as well as crystals


  • Dry Lavender for calming (also helps with sleep)
  • White rose petals for the scent as well as representing peace
  • Patchouli oil is great for grounding, lavender oil again for calming, rose oil for love
  • Moon water (can be made overnight during new and fun moons ideally)


How to use the spell jar. Once you’ve finished making it. Hold it in your hands and speak your intention. Be clear when sending it out into the universe. With this particular jar I would say something like ‘let the magic of the jar bring me (or whoever its for) peace’ Keep the jar somewhere in plain sight as even by cashing it in view it can reaffirm the intentions of the jar. Remember you don’t need all of the items I mentioned just trust your intuition and the process of it all. Really try and believe in the power you have within you.


By Lauren Rose




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