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A spell jar for happiness

By LiveWell Community

by the girl and the cards

For me the definition of success is happiness. Sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race we forget what actually makes us happy.  I’m going to show you a fee things you can put together to makes a little happiness spell jar. The idea of a spell jar is to help manifest happiness into our lives as well as serve as a reminder of where we find our happy.


A spell jar is something you can keep at home or carry with you. The idea is to draw in the energy to bring you what you are manifesting with the jar. In this case happiness. Wherever you keep it, have it in a place where you will see it often. This way whenever you see it it reinforces the energy around it. You can also charge the energy of the jar during a full moon, like you would your crystals.


Lets look at a few things you can put inside it. Firstly crystals are always a great addition to any spell jar as they have such potent power. Some great ones for happiness are:


Black Tourmaline - this crystal protects us against all negative energy.


Citrine - citrine bring the bright happy radiance of the sun into our energy field, helping us to manifest and attract positive things into our life


Rose quartz - the crystal for love, need I say more?


Tigers eye - helps bring out our inner strength and confidence


Honestly any crystal that you feel drawn to is a welcome addition to any spell jar but these ones are some of my favourites.


Other great things to put inside are:


Salt- for protection and cleansing


Ground coffee-  to dispel negative thoughts


Happy flowers! - think dandelions, chamomile anything bright and happy


Moon water - if you happen to have some!


Notes to yourself - write down happy memories and happy things you want to happen in the future


Once you’ve got all these together and in the jar sealed it with some wishes, give thanks to the universe and place it somewhere special


By Lauren Rose 




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