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A little spell jar you can take anywhere for protection

By LiveWell Community

Ok it may seem a little witchy for some of you but I really believe in spell jars. If the word spell is putting you off then think about it this way, the word spell could be replaced with manifestation, meaning the same thing, manifestation seems to be as little more of an accepted word in today society. Maybe it's magic, maybe it's just a placebo effect but how it works, does it really matter if you get the same result? I'm going to tell you a few ingredients to put in a little jar to keep you protected.

Things you will need (but also bear in mind you really can put anything you want in them)

  • Jar of any size you like, I like to have a small one that fits in my bag easily but also big enough for at least pebble sized stones
  • Paper, this is for writing your intentions to bring in good energy to you, write on it what beautiful energy you want in your life and any mantras that make you feel safe. I personally like to write ‘ I am safe’ ‘ I am loved’ 
  • Salt, this cleanses any negative energy
  • Lavender for relaxation and peace
  • Any crystal is a great asset to a spell jar but particularly for protection I would advise labradorite for safe travels, black tourmaline for protection from negative energies, amethyst for calming energy or tigers eye for confidence and inner strength.
  • Sage, a great cleanser , you can burn this while writing your intentions and mantras also
  • Cinnamon, this is also good for protection
  • Rose petals, known to turn hate into love

As with any spell jar its open to your own creativity so feel free to mix with whatever you are called to to make you feel safe. Happy manifesting beautiful angels!

By The Girl and the Cards

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