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10 facts you didn't know about Crystals

By LiveWell Community

We all love our favourite crystals and their properties.  But these are the 10 facts about crystals you might not know!


10 facts you didn't know about crystals! 

1. How are crystals actually formed you ask?  A crystal is formed when a liquid cools into a solid, it corms stable and uniform patterns repeated over and over to create the larger crystal shape.

2. Snowflakes are actually a form of crystal!  As it is water frozen and solidified in a uniform pattern.  They are known as ice crystals.

3. The largest known natural crystal in the world is found at the Crystal Cave of the Giants.  Located in Northern Mexico, the cave contains Selenite crystals up to 36 feet and weighing 55 tons!

4.  All crystals and gemstones are living organisms.  Growing in cluster they take on a life and a mind of their own.

5.  Crystals vibrate on a certain frequency.  Why is it we are more attracted to certain crystals more than others?  Because the one you are drawn to is vibrating at the same level of frequency that you are vibrating it.

6.  Quartz makes up 12% of the Earths crust.

7. Crystals have the ability to absorb and transmit light.  Meaning crystals can then transmit this light, reflecting its energy into the receiving surface, which could be you!

8. The Ancient Egyptians were said to use crystals as a form of healing, dating all the way back to 3000BC.  How can you not believe in the power of crystals when they've been used as a form of healing for that long!

9.  Crystals can actually break when the frequency of energy around them changes.  Therefore this causes a change to the crystals vibrations, causing it to shatter.  However, they can still be used but the pieces must be cleansed to bring them back to full charge and power.

10. Crystals were often worn by warriors during battles as a form of protection and a token of luck.

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