Which Crystals Can I Use To Boost Love?

Which Crystals Can I Use To Boost Love?

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5 Crystals to Boost Love on Valentine’s Day

Love day is just around the corner, but who says you need to be paired up? Not us! This Valentine’s Day, we’re all about self-love, baby. Whether you’ve got a Galentines planned with your besties or you’re spending the day devoted to chilling out, that’s up to you. But, if you’re looking to enhance all of those feel good vibes, you’re going to need some crystals. We’ve suggested 5 crystals known for boosting love below…

1. Rose Quartz 

Let’s kick off the list with the queen of love crystals, Rose Quartz. Light pink in colour, this crystal is guaranteed to activate your heart chakra. Don’t be surprised if when working with Rose Quartz on V-day you feel more connected to yourself. This crystal has magical properties that are also known for healing and repairing emotional wounds. 

The energy that Rose Quartz emits is soothing and gentle, your soul will lap it all up, that’s for sure! Rose Quartz is also great for stimulating trust in others and helps you to feel more secure in yourself. If you are dedicating Valentine’s Day to yourself, this is the ultimate crystal for your self-love toolkit

2. Moonstone 

If Moonstone were a person, we’d be head over heels in love! This dreamy, ethereal crystal has a beautifully tranquil power. Bonus points for Moonstone, as it's the perfect stone to wear on a necklace! Moonstone helps to bring about emotional balance and can calm your nervous system. If you’re dreading Valentine’s Day for one reason or another, working with this crystal on the 14th of February will help immensely. 

Moonstone promotes romance and self-love at the same time. When worn or worked with regularly, you can greatly benefit from Moonstone’s powers spiritually. You may feel more intuitive as you open yourself to the wider universe and keep an open mind. 

3. Rhodonite

Sharing the same colour as Rose Quartz, only more vividly pink, Rhodonite is a wonderful crystal to boost love. Directly related to the heart chakra, Rhodonite is ruled by Venus, which happens to be the planet of sexuality and love. Oh-la-la! 

Rhodonite is a great crystal to add to your collection, whether you have an S.O. or not. Either way, it will work its powers to bring about more harmony, truth, and inner-vision. Rhodonite is known as a yin-yang crystal in that it perfectly balances masculine and feminine energy. Because of this, you may feel more at ease in your relationships with others. 

4. Jade 

Jade’s serene, soothing energy is very much welcomed on any occasion, including Valentine’s Day! Stimulating friendship, forgiveness, and trust, if you’re hosting a Galentine’s event, be sure to give each of your besties a Jade tumblestone. Jade can be worn or worked with during meditation and you’ll never tire of looking at its stunning green colour. 

We definitely recommend adding Jade to your crystal collection ahead of Valentine’s day. Whatever your plans are, you'll benefit from Jade’s loving energy.

5. Carnelian

Carnelian is not typically associated with love, but this sunny orange crystal has plenty of love-boosting properties. Emitting an uplifting energy, Carnelian is great for all-round happiness. It promotes emotional maturity and wisdom, making it ideal for if you’re working on yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

Plus, Carnelian is one of the prettiest crystals to display in your home. Whenever you feel down, it’s gorgeous colour and aura will instantly cheer you up. 

Written by Evie Graham

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